Design Tips for a Split Level Residential Deck

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There are different types of decks that you can add to the house and increase functionality and visual appeal. The split level deck allows you to create separate zones for activities which can increase functionality of the space.

You can research local decking companies to choose the right company for the job.

Make sure to go through the gallery or case studies provided by Prestige Decks Bayswater to get an idea of their past work. If you have an idea of what you want the deck to look like, you can check whether the decking companies have done similar projects. This will be provided on their official website and social media profile. When building a split level deck, you can embrace the natural levels of the terrain. You don’t need to flatten the terrain completely. Instead, you can integrate the deck into the existing landscape so that it blends in seamlessly with it. This will help create a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. As mentioned above, the main benefit of a split level deck is that you can create distinct zones of activities. For example, you can have levels dedicated to entertaining, dining and lounging. This allows you to use the existing space efficiently. You can also have different decking materials for different zones to further differentiate them.

However, it is important to have a smooth transition between the levels.

You can use ramps, steps or tiered platforms for this. You need to ensure the design of these traditions is functional and aesthetically pleasing. For example, you can have wide steps that can also be used as seating. You can also incorporate planters so that there is a touch of greenery throughout the deck. When choosing handrails, you need to consider safety as well as the visual appeal. Think about where the views are oriented in the property. If you have a view of a beautiful landscape or even a city skyline, you can have the seating areas facing the view. You can also create privacy by having planters strategically placed in certain locations, trellis or privacy screens. This can also help focus the view. You can create a view by blocking certain areas and opening up others.

Consider the materials and finishes for the deck.

You need to choose materials that are weather resistant and durable. Make sure these materials complement the aesthetics of your home. You can use different finishes for each level so that visual interest is created. If you are having the same material, it is best to have a material or colour difference in the transition areas for safety. Make sure to have cohesive design elements such as consistent styles of furniture, lighting and colour schemes so that the overall effect is unified. You can have the same design theme running along the levels so that there is a sense of balance. Make sure that you use a combination of accent, task and ambient lighting so that an inviting atmosphere can be created.