How to Choose an Outdoor Dining Set

Posted on : by : Sheri Garrett

Outdoor dining sets are a great way to enjoy meals with friends and family while you are among natural beauty. You can have a dining space on your deck or patio so that you can actually dine underneath the stars.

When choosing outdoor furniture Sydney for dining, you have to measure the size and layout of the outdoor space on your property. This will give you an idea of the right configuration to go with. You have to consider the available space and the shape of this layout in order to select the right dining set. You can determine the size of the dining set after ensuring there is sufficient clearance for the tables along with people moving around it. Think about what your dining needs are. This will depend on the number of people you are planning to have regularly in the space. You can use a large dining set if you have a large family or a smaller dining set for more intimate gatherings. You can also have a dining table that can be extended when you have a larger gathering so that you can accommodate different configurations. You have to think about your lifestyle preferences and dining requirements to choose the right dining set. For example, you may be looking for a casual dining space or a formal entertaining area. The furniture you select will vary depending on the primary purpose of the space.

You have to choose the right material for the dining set.

Wood is preferred by many homeowners and you can choose cedar or teak for durability and weather resistance. You can also find hardwood that is sustainably sourced and certified by organisations. This will help you select a more eco-friendly dining set for your outdoor space. There are also metal dining sets you can consider and these are made of steel, wrought iron and aluminium. You can enjoy low maintenance with these materials and you can increase the weather protection by going for powder coated finishes. This will help prevent damage due to UV radiation and corrosion. For a cosy look, you can select rattan or wicker chairs. Many of these tend to have an aluminium structure inside.  Synthetic wicker mimics the look and feel of natural wicker and you will not have to worry about cracking or fading of furniture.

The comfort of the dining set has to be considered as well.

You need to choose an ergonomic design that is stylish and comfortable. You can choose seat pads or upholstered cushions. There can be supportive backs for the chairs along with armrests. You can also coordinate the style of the dining set with the rest of outdoor décor so that you can create a more cohesive space. Think about the maintenance requirements for the dining set. Some materials will need more maintenance. For example, wooden furniture has to go through periodic sealing and staining so that it is protected against moisture and other environmental elements. You may also need to touch up metal furniture to prevent corrosion.